Intent to Distribute

Ride Wit Me

Written by D.E. Washington

Song ĎAwesome Godí performed by Windsor Village Mass Choir


Since the website has been steadily growing, I no longer have the same intimate group of family and friends that first started out during the www.servinemup.blogspot.com days. Itís at the point now where I have absolutely no clue who most of the readers of www.servinemup.com are.

I donít know your name, I donít know your story. All I know is that you log in and check out the spot, so for that, Iím thankful. Iím glad to have you. Iím a bit peculiar and kinda weird, but just keep riding with me baby, Iíve got a good heart.

Although I know my writing skills, quick wit and dashing looks are a driving force behind securing repeat readers (whatchu laughing at??), I am also very much aware that the majority of visitors were initially referred by a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker. Thereís even some people who have shared the link with their fellow church members. So to all you people who have taken the time and gone out of your way to help promote the awareness and visibility of www.servinemup.com , I thank you. Not just for me, I thank you for helping spread Godís Word to a dying world.

It all starts with my family. Theyíve all had my back since Day 1. God blessed me to be born into a Godly family. A family that bows down and worships the risen Christ. A lot of my non-Believing friends use this fact as a springboard of why they donít believe..

ďIf I had YOUR family D..Iíd probably be a Believer too! But I wasnít raised up with love like you, my family is throwed.í

I find myself cringing and having to grit my teeth when I hear that excuse. It doesnít matter what your familial background is, youíre no longer a child. You have the free will to accept or reject the gift of God. Thatís all on you now homeboy. Donít blame yo folks for why you donít believe. Iíve got people in my family who donít believe either..so now what?

Just because I am from a family of Christians, does not mean that you donít have the same choice to accept or reject the Christ just as I did. That eternal question to get into Heaven isnít weighted. Itís not graded on a curve. It doesnít matter what that other níga believes, itís all about what you believe. There arenít any Aís or Bís, itís strictly Pass or Fail. Either you believe or you donít..which one is it?

And donít start with that lip service, because if you DO believe..then letís see your works mane. The Apostle James let it be known, faith without works is a níga lying to himself and dying. Of course, thatís not exactly what the Scripture says, I kinda paraphrased it for all the Southside nígaz..you gotta talk to them like that for them to listen.

ďFor as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.Ē Ė James 2:26

It just gets frustrating sometimes, because we live in a world where when a man stands up and proclaims the name of the Lord, he is separated and held under intense scrutiny. Nígaz are going to pull your card and see if youíre real about this God that you claim to serve.

Itís one of the repercussions of Christian responsibility. The biggest testimony we have in this world is the life that we live. If you claim to be a man of God, a follower of Jesus? Then of course youíre going to be held to that standard. And once they can identify your weaknesses, the places where you have stumbled. The mistakes that you have made in the past, thatís when you will feel like a slave being examined on the auctioning block. Checking your teeth and the inside of your mouth. Probing in your ears and checking the rigidity of your muscles. Poking and prodding every aspect of your life to expose any and all deficiencies. They just refuse to believe that Christ is real and they try to find a reason in Christians to support their theory that Christianity is janky.

The truth is that no one is perfect, not even Believers. We all have sinned and come short of the glory. But thereís one thing to sin and ask forgiveness and strive to be better and then thereís another thing altogether when you sin unrepentantly.

ďI gotta do what I gotta do..God understands what Iíve been through.Ē

Hardening your heart and refusing to even acknowledge when your walk is not lining up to the Word.

Some of my friends have a hard time accepting my conviction for the Christ. They think telling others about Jesus is only something that preachers, ministers and pastors are supposed to do. In their minds, because I unashamedly announce my passion for the Christ, I MUST be in line to be a preacher. Itís funny how some people already think they know what God has in store for me, but then when I ask them what the Lord has in store for them, they draw a blank.

ďDonít jock on another nígaz faith, youíve got to know Jesus for yoíself.Ē

When I charge these same nígaz up with the Great Commission,

ďGo ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. A-meníĒ Ė Matthew 28:19-20

And I urge them to get out here and join the fight, they usually just give me a lil smile then change the subject and slide on out, cuz theyíre not ready to face that real for themselves. Theyíre not ready to line up to the Word and become the priest of their own families.

Taking the initiative to get their kids and wives involved in a worship community. It all starts with the man, but yet we are in such a state of spiritual decay, that the role that God has commissioned men to be responsible for in our own families is going undone. Nígaz donít want to stand up for the Lord. Theyíd rather just sit on the couch and watch football.

Iím not hating, because I know what itís like to be that níga chilling on the couch and watching football on Sundays. Never giving the Lord any of my time, save the grace that I recite before meals and the prayers I may recite at night before I went to bed. I might even give my mama some money to put in church for me. I wanted all of the blessings the Lord had, but I didnít want to give Him any of my time. I didnít want to be obedient to His Word, because my lifestyle was geared toward worshipping the most prominent idol in our society today. That god in the mirror, the god of me, myself and I.

So now when my friends see the change in me and the direction my life has taken. They take a moment to reflect on if Iím real or not.

That níga say he a Believer, but is he taking care of his own house?

Is he abusing or cheating on his wife?

Is he spending time with his own kids??

Is he doing dirt to get his money?

People will probe and pry because theyíre skeptical of all the janky Christians theyíve run across in their lives. A lot of nígaz have NO CLUE what it would mean to go to church on Sunday mornings instead of watching football. They just canít see it. I used to be like that too. And for a time, even after I started going to church regularly, Iíd find myself sitting in the pew, eager for the benediction so I could break out and see whoís having a good game for my fantasy football team. But once the Lord begins a good work, He will finish it. And He continues to work on my heart, and it got to the point where missing the early football games just wasnít that important to me anymore. I wasnít tripping. And for those who still shake their head and say, ĎI feel ya D, but thatís just not me, I just canít see it.í, thatís because you donít want to see it.

You donít want to imagine your life with God as your guide, because it will require that you move around and do something different than what youíve been doing. All you want to do is stay in control of thangs. Be the boss of you. But Iím telling ya, there arenít too many people out there who are bigger control freaks than me. And the hardest part for me was just giving it up. Bowing down and humbly submitting to the Lordís will. Itís a very vulnerable experience. At times it will cross your mind that youíre being a damn fool and missing out on all the fun.

Now itís different when people who are in the church and already serving on the battlefield come at me. Some want me to sing in the choir, others want me to teach Sunday School, or be more involved in the brotherhood ministry. Work with the students, counsel young men who need spiritual direction. Thereís much work to do out here in the real game.

Itís like the song says, Ďone voice can not praise Him enough.í

One pen can not tell the story.

I just pray for the world. I pray for my family. I pray for my friends. I pray for the people who visit www.servinemup.com. I pray that my voice as one crying out in the wilderness will help our men and our families. Love your wife. Train your children and raise them up in the way of the Lord. Love God and walk in His way. AnddÖhmph! O Lawwwwwwd..Heh! I saidÖO Lawwwwwd! God is good! Ainít he good? I said ainít He good?? Didnít he get Noah on the Ark? Didnít he save Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah?? Didnít he help GILLIGAAAAN..get off the island??

Alright, let me stop tripping yaíll out. My grandmother told me that if God does call me to preach, that she hopes I donít be one of them Ďholleringí kinda preachers.

ďAnd I hope you donít be long winded either. Just say whatchu got to say and sit down!Ē

(laughing) ďI hope I donít either!!Ē

I sit in church every Sunday eager to hear the Word. Eager to be fed. Iím also a spooky kinda guy. I hold God in all reverence. I know what He does to hard-headed nígaz like Jonah who donít do what He calls us to do. Iím too afraid of God to ignore His calling. And when (or if) that day comes when He calls me to move on up a lil higher? Then I will go just like I went when He called me to write for Him. I ainít tripping, Iím one of them free nígaz. All yaíll nígaz sitting around waiting on another níga to do something are the ones in bondage. I pray for yaíll to accept your calling and step up and be the man that God has beckoned you to be since before you were formed in your motherís womb.

Donít trip on me because I know what the Bible says, youíve got to get in the game yo self mane.



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